05 January 2010

Hit List 2010

It's nearly a full week into the new year and I'm still on the resolution kick, but this one right here is more of an inspired challenge. After another discussion with Ang. about what to make for dinner, it kind of blew up into something bigger and better. The conversation kind of went like this: Hmm what should I make tonight? Hmm what foods do we really want to learn to make this year? Let's come up with 12 things to make... let's make it a challenge! Let's make a Hit List of 12 things to rock successfully this year!

And what does "successfully" mean, exactly? Basically it'll result in this kind of situation:
Eater of food: Whatcha making?
Me: ~~ insert hit list item here ~~
Eater of food takes a bite.
Me: How do you like th--
Eater of food: ~puts a finger up to interrupt~ Nuh nuh no no no... Shh shh shhh shh shhh. No talking. Must. Eat.

Or something like that :)

So since writing down goals is important, I present to you my Hit List for 2010:

1. matzo ball soup (I made this once, but it was an utter failure, so I can't cross it off quite yet!)
2. fish en papillote

3. pie, chicken pot (most likely chicken pot... definitely some kind of pie, though)
4. chicken stock/broth from scratch
5. chicharron de cerdo
6. stuffed mushrooms

7. a killer risotto
8. french onion soup
9. spanakopita

10. pastitsio
11. patatas bravas
12. my mom's mocha cake

Bring it on.

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