17 January 2010

and a 10 in '10 challenge update

Wow where did this past week go! I think I say this more frequently as I get older, but I'll say it one more time: time FLIES. It's damn near impossible to sit back and relax lately, much less update this. But here I am anyways :)

Week 2 wrap up for 10 in '10? Well... It wasn't exactly a good week food wise. I only ate maybe 5 home made meals. Apparently I'm incapable of saying no when people buy/bring in food at work and that happend a few times this past week (now I know why people hate me when I bring in cookies all the time... speaking of which I have a hankering to bake something). And I've substituted popcorn for dinner twice this week when I went to go watch movies. Horrible week for food. BUT I did get fruit and veggies in each day, so small victories. And while I did not make fish, I did eat it. And it was good.

What I did do well during week 2, though, is hit the gym. A lot. I feel fantastic because of it, too.

So, with stout resolve I will do these things this week:
> eat 5 fruits/veggies each day
> make fish tacos

Yup, that's it.

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