About Me

I'm a 30 y.o. chick who likes food. A lot. Like whoa :-) Baking is usually My Thing, but I can't survive on cookies alone... A girl's gotta eat other food sometimes! New food, to be more specific. I'm always looking for the next recipe, so this is me on my new food adventures :) I have now started doing Hit Lists each year of the foods I don't know how to make but would like to conquer. I like the challenge, and I want to be able to impress people with my mad skillz, lol. My adventures and misadventures will end up here, so read on :)

A little background: I've never worked in a restaurant, per se, but my mom was a caterer so I spent a long part of my childhood around food - prepping, going to fairs, selling, cleaning, etc. I like to say that I paid my debt to the food industry, lol. My mom is a HELL of a baker, continuing to do private orders even now. I only picked up my baking after college. And while I'm grossly behind in learning my mom's recipes, I have developed a heck of a repertoire of my own. I even take orders now... Like mother like daughter! I picked up my total love for food - food from all over the world - from my dad. He's someone who really loves to enjoy a meal, haha. He explores with food, which is a habit I picked up from him. Whenever I'm trying a new recipe for a special occassion, I make it for him cuz I know he'll like it!

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And if you want to contact me, feel free to email ceeinthekitchen@gmail.com.