04 December 2009

Why hi there.

I did it: I gave in to peer pressure. Between comments like you should start a blog and you're in the wrong business (uh, it doesn't exactly involve food) and you should start a bakery, I went with the easiest option: hello there, Mr. Blog.

Funny enough, I'm not new to blogging. Remember Geocities (RIP, sad face)? I had one of those. Livejournal? Yep, that too. I even had a Blurty, if anyone remembers that. That was also about the same time as my Everquest days, so really, I was no stranger to being online.

This... this is the next phase focused on one of the loves of my life: food.

So yep, hi there :-D

1 comment:

  1. Well hi there too! :D
    Congrats and love the website! YUM.